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Lantmaennen Unibake case
Large-scale fleet conversion to li-ion power.

Lantmaennen cuts operating costs by 20% with new lithium-ion fleet.

Lantmaennen Unibake, one of Northern Europe´s leading agricultural cooperatives, set itself the ambitious target of reducing its CO2 emissions by around 80% by 2020. Thanks to Jungheinrich, even its cold-storage fleet now runs on energy-efficient li-ion power – with a lower total cost of ownership.


  • Very large agriculture and food operator – diverse fleet requirements.
  • Significant increase in energy efficiency required.
  • Ambitious target of reducing CO2 emissions by around 80% by 2020.
  • Material-handling vehicles transported on lorries; limited time for re-charging.
  • Cold storage warehouses: sub-zero temperatures can reduce li-ion performance.


  • More efficient fleet strategy identified, working closely with Lantmaennen Unibake.
  • Large-scale fleet upgrade implemented.
  • More than 220 new Jungheinrich li-ion-powered trucks, forklifts and stackers supplied.
  • Innovative modification to EJE trucks to protect batteries from sub-zero effects.
  • Customised chargers installed into lorries to enable li-ion charging on the road.


  • 20% reduction in energy savings per year.
  • Overall operating costs down by 20%.
  • On the road charging: chargers in lorries boost productivity.
  • Trucks operate successfully in sub-zero environment. 

Lantmaennen Unibake in a nutshell:

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